People with developmental and intellectual disabilities can and should be contributing and respected members of their community. Each individual has the right to choose from an array of natural and paid supports to fulfill and maintain what is important for them and to achieve what is important to them. Our mission is to assist each individual with achieving their maximum potential as they maintain their health and safety in an integrated setting.

InterCare's experience and services are designed to listen and respond to the unique needs of each individual. We assist individuals as they make choices and pursue their hopes and dreams in their communities. InterCare empowers each person, supporting them as they achieve and maintain health and safety and harness an array of services and supports in the community.

InterCare is dedicated to making a positive difference throughout each person's lifespan, as we assist people with locating and expanding natural supports and services. We guide individuals with developing person-centered plans, as well as coordinating and monitoring services and supports. Fueled by a belief in the dignity and self-worth of each person, we facilitate independence, choice, and community inclusion through informed decision-making.


Person-centered thinking drives interCare. Our organization is based on the belief that each person can direct their own supports. We encourage meaningful participation in the community, employment, and family and natural supports as individuals identify services, supports, and opportunities.

InterCare works with individuals, families, direct support professionals, and providers to ensure individuals receive quality services. InterCare values self-advocacy and collaboration with all team members throughout the planning and implementation process.


InterCare assists individuals with locating, connecting with, and coordinating services and supports in their communities, developing person-centered plans driven by what is important for and important to them, and monitoring and assessing services for quality outcomes.

InterCare is passionate about making an impact. InterCare is dedicated to deploying best practices across a spectrum of services to improve the lives of individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Our organization harnesses significant experience with person-centered case management, quality-based initiatives, grassroots programs, and the development of innovative systems and solutions to benefit people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

InterCare drives initiatives with research and data to include the array of promising, evidence-based, and identified best practices to better the lives of each individual.